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"Christmas Elf Made Easy" - 29 Story Cards

"Christmas Elf Made Easy" - 29 Story Cards

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Your kids just LOVE when the elf gets into trouble, but are you running out of ideas? Are you waking up in the middle of the night because your elf hasn't moved? These cards make things EASY!

- 29 different story cards per pack

- Cut-off instructions for parents to stage elf.

- Use cards with everyday household items as props.

- Written from the Elf's perspective, will excite and entertain the kids!

- Professionally printed on 80# cover paper, sized 5 inch by 4 inch

- Packaged and sealed in cellophane bag

- Affordable and practical option for making the Elf easy (other retailors sell Elf prop kits that cost anywhere from $50-100 each).

- Elf not included, household items used as props in photographs not included.
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